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Clever design can maximise your site. On a small patch of unused front lawn Design Partners have worked with the client to provide two four bedroom units in a duplexed arrangement. The units are compact but allow for the New Zealand way of life with open plan living opening up to the outside environment. A ground floor bedroom allows for multi-generational occupation for a family or a more convenient arrangement for tenants in rented accommodation.

The design, albeit unashamedly modern, fits into the local street by referencing the gable end design of surrounding houses. An overhanging upper floor provides interest, shading and weather protection allowing the lower floor to be open on rainy days. Louvres provide shading and privacy where in proximity to the street. The use of a darker recessive colour and retention of the established planting visually softens and reduces the perceived scale of the units. Aluminium cladding and joinery along with profiled metal roofing make this a low maintenance house. The roomy and yet compact design is a new model of living that we will see more and more in the new Auckland.

Design Partners worked as part of an in-house team with our group partner Land Partners. Land Partners were the lead consultant for the subdivision providing town planning, surveying and civil engineering with Design Partners completing the design of the units. Working as part of an in-house team provides many benefits with a much closer collaborative working team providing an exceptional outcome for our client. So much so, we have commenced work on another project for the same client.




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