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Design & Build - Coastville

"Two years on, we're so pleased to live here"

That’s the response from the Poole family – very satisfied homeowners in rural Coatesville who engaged Property Partners to design and build their 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home. They love it.

The brief from the Pooles was simple enough. In essence, it had to be a liveable home that had different zones for the family. As well as many other things, they were also keen for the children’s rooms to capture the morning sun to help them wake up and go to bed easier. Little things like this did not go unnoticed.

Part of the appeal of the process for the client was that the Property Partners team took responsibility for the entire project – starting with some difficult site works via Land Partners and continuing to the all important home design. “The design is the absolute best thing about the build,” they enthused. “It’s such a weird shape if you were to see it from above but it’s tremendous. The layout is just amazing. Never in a million years would we have drawn something like this.”



The team at Design Partners definitely put their skills to work to meet the Poole’s brief. The home was designed for the sun and to optimise space. And at every turn, the design was tested against reality to confirm that it would work – meetings were even scheduled on site to catch that early morning sun and posts had to be just the right hammock width apart! “They worked really closely with us to get what we wanted – they worked with our sometimes quirky ideas and we got a great result.”

When it was time for Build Partners to break ground, they communicated effectively with the family throughout to ensure that each of their wishes had been met. This efficient approach freed up more time – which the family hugely appreciated.

The result, even two years later, is a testament to the collaboration of Land Partners, Design Partners and Build Partners – providing the Poole family with a home perfect for them.

"We don’t think we could have gone anywhere else and achieved what we have with Property Partners. It’s not an expensive or flash house but it’s everything we want. It’s so practical and every day, two years on, we’re so pleased to live here. We love, love it" - Cindy Poole


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