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Development Opportunities

With the changes rolling in from the new Auckland Unitary Plan many properties are opening up for new developments with increased densities. This has become very apparent in the recent years as more and more clients come into the office looking for cost effective, efficient, and sensible methods of developing their land. Recently, the team has become accustomed to the fast paced, tight deadlines often placed on these development projects and have consistently delivered critical timings and budgets.

These projects require a high level of coordination between the whole design team and an efficient system to deliver on time. The team at Design Partners have developed close relationships with various consultants to aid in this delivery, this is complimented by the design team in office that consists of technicians, designers, and project managers experienced in high density developments.

These housing developments aim to provide affordable, efficient, quality duplexes, townhouses, or terrace apartments. With a focus on long term durability, minimal maintenance, and ease of access these units present a place where quality and affordability combine to offer an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

The current proposed developments consisted of a mixture of typologies including: standalone, duplex, and terraced two bedroom units; duplex or townhouse three bedroom units; and larger family houses of four bedrooms. Involved in getting consent for these developments a close working relationship with civil engineers and landscape designers were required. This made high density development on tricky, steep sites even possible.

Social Housing

Design Partners take pride in working with our clients to provide high quality architectural design and urban spaces. Attacking projects with strict time frames and budgetary constraints brings out the best in our team. With more social housing projects becoming popular, engaging with the local neighbourhood and providing space for interaction and safety has never been more important. Allowing these areas with increased density to maintain and encourage community congregation and diversity is vital to the success of the integration of these communities into the existing urban fabric. These proposals present a mixture of housing typologies and user friendly spaces to encourage a diverse range of life stages, creating safe environments for growing families.


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