Mt Eden House project 1

Elegant Family Home

The traditional style home, while in contention with more modern form houses, remains to be a highly sought after aesthetic. In many of the historic areas of Auckland such as Mt Eden, a desire to maintain the colonial, bungalow style is common among land owners and the council alike. Additionally the Mt Eden area presents many other geological challenges to overcome, such as the abundance of volcanic rock, flood plains, and steep sights. Once these challenges were overcome as well as a 2 Lot subdivision, tight sight area, restrictive council planning regulations; the design could be highlighted.

 The design team was tasked with subdividing the land and producing a design for the subdivided lot that would sell the land with the concept. The concept was marketed as a design build and was successfully sold within a short time.


The brief included a design that combined traditional forms and materials with a modern twist, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, double garage, and ample storage space. The new property owner was delighted with the proposed concept and only required a few minor changes. The design expresses the quality and values of traditional bungalow style homes with some modern twists on internal space arrangements and contemporary detailing. The final outcome pleased both the original client and property owner, the new property owner and the architect. The project is currently under construction, and should be ready to enjoy for summer.

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