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Glenn Innes Urban Intensification

The concept of these duplex townhouses stems from a desire to be modest and respectful to the local character and future development of Glenn Innes. The design expresses rhythm and articulation, in combination with a sense of spaciousness and formality. Contemporary elements and traditional systems are expressed in a juxtaposition of traditional and modern cladding materials that blend in with the local historic and modern aesthetic. The design makes use of the favourable southern views to a natural reserve with first floor bedrooms. Sun angles are utilized with ground level open plan living and dining spaces that flow into outdoor living; orientated towards the north. This maximises the use of both the sun and openness afforded by the neighbouring public walkway.

The duplex nature of the proposal allows better use of the site without undesirable narrow gaps between standalone units, this principle is common among other local townhouse developments and promotes maximisation of space and utility. The use of a common wall in larger developments such as this, is also more efficient in terms of construction and energy efficiency. The layout of internal spaces also encourage space efficiency. Attic storage, flexible garage utilization, and connectivity to the living court combine to create an optimised spatial arrangement.

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