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Design & Build - Remuera

When Grant Davidson and his family wanted to build a new family home in Remuera, they needed someone who could get the most out of the difficult site. Enter Property Partners.

The site itself was in a great street, but steep and fairly narrow – presenting the architectural team at Design Partners with a handful of challenges. But these are the things they live for, and the team worked hard to produce a creative design that would get the most out of the space. “The way they were able to maximise the site was unbelievable,” marveled homeowner Grant.

The result was a large and stunning 4-bedroom home that met the client’s brief of a home that provided separate spaces for both kids and parents. The children’s bedrooms occupied the ground floor with the pool and their own lounge, while the second floor housed the kitchen, dining and guest living area. A third floor accommodated the master suite.

From the start of the process, the Davidson's were impressed with the advice and support the Design Partners team provided.

"One of the things that they did really well was giving us advice on how to handle the consenting process. I can’t stress more how great the advice really was and how they facilitated the process." - Grant Davidson

And even when challenges come along – which can happen in difficult sites – the team was on hand to assist. “Even when I had to get personally involved with the neighbour they were great at supporting the process. They dealt with all of the issues that cropped up and we really didn’t have to get that involved. They took away a lot of the headaches.”

Grant loved the fact that with his wife an interior designer, they were able to do much of this work themselves – fully supported by the Design Partners team and even able to utilise their long list of contacts.

“The flexibility that Property Partners had was amazing. They let us organise what we wanted and then they completed everything else. It really was great!”


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