Going Green

Friday, October 04, 2019

Today we launched our new initiative to do our bit to save the planet for the next generation. The Property Partners Group (Build Partners; Land Partners, Design Partners and Build 1) are going green! Following in Kermit’s footsteps today we stand with Kermit!As Kermit would say “its not easy being green” but we need to try!

What that looks like is still underdevelopment but if we continue to procrastinate we continue to do harm to the environment.

The important thing is we have made a start. Construction is the largest contributor to landfill in NZ so,by recycling and reusing all materials that can be on all new construction sites we will reduce landfill significantly.

In the office we are also doing our bit, currently working towards going paperless.We already recycle and reuse so this month we will focus on reducing the amount of paper we print.

This is an initiative that we are all working together on relying heavily on our staff to drive new ideas we can adopt as a Group to be better planet friendly citizens.

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